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What is your Return Policy?

Each of my wiper motors carries a lifetime warranty.  Because I'm normally restoring original equipment I offer to repair and return at my own expense within 24 hours of receipt of a wiper motor that is damaged or not operating correctly.  Simply contact me and advise that you're having issues with the product and arrangements can be made to return the motor for repair and return.

What is considered a "fully usable core"?

A fully usable core is a core where all parts are included, bulkhead clip, etc., where the cylinder/barrell is not so rusted that it can be prepped for plating with minimal effort and used again in future builds.

What do you mean "same era and type" of motor as the one being purchased?

If you're purchasing a 1969-70 B Body premium wiper motor I cannot accept a two speed, a pre 67 or 72 and later wiper motor for full core exchange. The parts simply are not interchangeable for a future build of a 68-70 wiper motor. While I will core credit on motors not of the same style and era, I cannot offer full core exchange in those particular instances.

When do I send my core exchange?

I do not ship your purchased motor until I receive your fully usable core exchange, unless a core deposit is paid, at which point I'm happy to refund the core deposit if the core is received within 15 days of the purchase date.

Where do I send my core exchange?

Your core exchange should be sent to:

Passion4Mopars/Kim Leger
363 E. Lansdowne Av.,
Orange City, FL 32763

If I send more than one core exchange can we reduce the price of my purchased motor?

Always! Gimme a shout and we can work something out. I'm always looking for cores.

What if I don't see the part number specific to my car on your website?

 Hey gimme a shout. I'm pretty sure I can accommodate most/all of your needs. Time gets tight and I don't always have all the motors/part numbers that I restore/refurbish listed on the website.

My motor won't park, can I send it to you for repair?

Sure! Again, just gimme a shout and let me know you're sending it and I'll post a note on my workbench that a repair is all that's requested and we can talk pricing.

Do you buy cores?

You betcha!! Gimme a shout and let me know what you have and we can work a deal.

I don't see my question listed here.

Drop me an email or gimme a call and I can answer any questions not listed here on my FAQ.

How do I contact you to discuss my motor?

Give me a call at 865-365-5833, shoot me an email to [email protected] or use the contact us link on the website.