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How To Bench Test A 3 Speed Mopar Wiper Motor Incl. Leece Neville/General Industries Motors

Posted by Kim on 10/18/2013 to Wiper Motor/Switch Information
I get asked this question alot. Seems 99% of the "problems" with three speed wiper motors is ground related. Gotta have good ground. So, since I get asked the question frequently, I'm going to try to give the answers where you can find them easily...just bookmark em?

If you do not have the proper functions, 99% of the time it is a ground problem. If you experience this, first run a ground wire from the metal housing on switch to the pin switch for dome light in driver’s door jamb. Run switch again. If you still have a problem run a ground wire from the wiper motor ground strap to the negative battery post. Run switch again.

If you still experience trouble:

(1) Disconnect motor leads at bulkhead disconnect. Connect jumper wire from battery positive terminal to brown and red leads in bulkhead disconnect. Connect a second jumper from the green lead to ground. (The ground circuit is completed through the car body). The motor should run continuously. Disconnect leads.

(2) Connect jumper wire from green lead to brown lead. Connect red lead to ground. Connect third jumper wire from battery positive terminal to blue lead. The wiper should run to the park position. CAUTION: Motor can be damaged if not wired correctly If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
This test is also the procedure for Leece Neville/General Industries motors with four wires to the bulkhead connector. Three wires is a two speed and requires different test procedures.