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How We Prep Our Components for Plating

Posted by Administrator on 3/13/2012 to Frequently Asked Questions
We take alot of pride in our effort and our workmanship, consistency of the "look" of our motors and the prep before plating plays a huge part of the process.

Extremely time consuming, we start with breaking down cores, soaking to degrease and remove paint.  From there it's an acid bath to remove all rust on the cylinder and inside the cylinder. 

After that process comes the bead blasting to even the finish and then, the "fun" (and probably most dangerous part of the process), grinding rust pits, etc. from the cylinder and bringing them, systematically and step by step, to the cylinder we feel is "right" for plating.  Alot of work, alot of effort and anyone who works, even occasionally, with a grinder of any type, knows how it has a tendency to snatch the object you're working on from you and throw it at you at lightning speed....LOL

Time consumption?  Grind a cylinder, even with heat gloves, and you'll find out you can't finish even one before you have to put that bad boy down and start another...down the line.  Final process?  Buff and "spin" the cylinder to remove all grinding marks...without removing/wiping the stamped part number, date code, etc.

Now THAT is ready for plating   ;o) And THAT prep makes for a nice looking motor
Before and After. The "Before" is what I get when I open a box and the "After" is what I build for return   :o)