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Mopar Wiper Motor in Hyperspeed - No Park

Posted by Administrator on 1/24/2013
Wiper Motor in Hyperspeed, No Park I occasionally have someone call me and tell me that when testing their motor and/or switch that the wiper motor goes into “hyperspeed”, one speed only, which is OH MY GOLLY, won’t park, won’t slow down, it’s one speed only. I ask if there is good ground to the switch and usually the answer is yes.

The symptoms that are being described are those seen when there is, in fact, not proper grounding to the switch and this video will show someone experiencing these same issues with visual confirmation of the ground problem. Hope this helps anyone experiencing this problem.

If you think you have switch problems, feel free to contact Jim at JS Restorations. He is a dear friend and more knowledgeable than anyone I know about switches, their function and restoring them. GREAT guy to work with, reliable, dependable and stands behind his work 100%. Sound like a plug for Jim? YOU BETCHA!

JS Restorations 412-295-1333 Tell him the blonde Hillbilly sent you ;-)

View video HERE

Additional information provided to me by Jim for switches it also attached here in the hopes that it will help anyone seeking assistance with a switch/wiper motor issue