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Special Order Restoration of Your Original Wiper Motor
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Special Order Restoration of Your Original Wiper Motor

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I often get asked if I can restore a car owner's original wiper motor...yes I can and I do offer the service. 

I consider the restoration of someone's original wiper motor a "Special Order" and request a 5-8 week lead time to complete the restoration. The longer lead time provides me with time to disassemble the wiper motor, prep all parts, prep the parts that require plating for plating, bin all parts to wait for the return of the plated components, and build on return. Sometimes the plating doesn't suit my standards, thus the longer lead time, it gives me time to turn the motor around for reprep and replating.

As with all my products, if I wouldn't put it on my car, I don't expect you to put it on yours. 

You can order online or give me a call and let me know that you're sending your original motor for restoration.

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